Purchase Medical Radioisotopes

Niowave is recognized as a world leader in domestic production of fission and photo-nuclear based radioisotopes. The entire production, packaging, and delivery system is NRC, DOT & FDA approved and within purity specifications for the following:

periodic table of elements with red and blue circles
Niowave Isotope



  • Ac-225

  • Rn-222

  • Ac-227→Th-227, Ra-223

  • Pb-210→Po-210

  • Rn-222→Pb-214, Bi-214, Po-214

Niowave Isotope



  • Sr-90→Y-90

  • Sb-127→Te-127

  • Ce-144→Pr-144

  • Ac-225→Bi-213

  • Pb-210→Bi-210

  • Xe-133

  • Sr-89

  • I-131

  • Pr-143

  • Nd-147

  • Pm-149

  • Pm-147

Niowave Isotope



  • Mo-99→Tc-99m

Superconducting Electron Linear Accelerators

Radio-frequency microwaves accelerate electrons to tens of millions of volts over a few meters.

Superconducting electron accelerators operate with almost no microwave losses, running stably at duty factors from 10% up to continuous-wave.

Superconducting radio-frequency accelerators have been developed by the national laboratories, at the US Department of Energy, and around the world over the last few decades.

Maturation of the technology has lowered costs for all the subsystems: low-frequency superconducting cavities, 4 kelvin cryocooler refrigerators, and microwave transmitters.