Superconducting Electron Linacs

Superconducting Electron Linacs

At Niowave, Inc., superconducting electron accelerators are being built to tackle America’s high-tech challenges in fields as diverse as health care and national security. Superconductivity is used to efficiently accelerate electrons to high velocity and energy. The kinetic energy of the electrons is then used as a tool for a number of purposes. Niowave is aggressively pursuing commercial markets for compact versions of these superconducting electron linear accelerators (linacs). Join us at Niowave to develop several near term opportunities for compact linacs:

  • Medical Radioisotopes (without the need for a nuclear reactor or highly enriched uranium)
  • Free Electron Lasers (high power tunable lasers at wavelengths not available today)
  • X-ray Sources (active interrogation, food irradiation and medical equipment sterilization)
  • Neutron Sources (high-intensity fast and thermal neutron flux without a nuclear reactor)

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